Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Pentagon’s New War Map
on Terrorism

In an Esquire Magazine interview (March 2003), Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, of the U.S. Naval War College, explains why we’re going to war in the Middle-East, and why continuing warfare is planned against certain countries.

Dr. Barnett has given well over a thousand presentations worldwide. Barnett is a well known defense expert whose career runs from being just another Soviet Union specialist to the general strategic futures explorer in the Bush Administration. At the Naval War College, Dr. Barnett serves as Director of the New Rule Sets. This is an ambitious effort to draw new “maps” of power and influence in the world economy so as to expand the U.S. Military’s vision of where and how it can wield maximum influence across international borders during this Era of Globalization. Here are some short excerpts from this long Esquire Magazine article. (Bolding is added for emphasis):

Esquire Magazine, March 2003 issue.

Since the end of the cold war, the United States has been trying to come up with an operating theory of the world—and a military strategy to accompany it. Now there’s a leading contender. It involves identifying the problem parts of the world and aggressively shrinking them. Since September 11, 2001, the author, a professor of warfare analysis, has been advising the Office of the Secretary of Defense and giving this briefing continually at the Pentagon and in the intelligence community. Now he gives it to you.”

“LET ME TELL YOU why military engagement with Saddam Hussein’s regime in Baghdad is not only necessary and inevitable, but good.

“When the United States finally goes to war again in the Persian Gulf, it will not constitute a settling of old scores, or just an enforced disarmament of illegal weapons, or a distraction in the war on terror. Our next war in the Gulf will mark a historical tipping point — the moment when Washington takes real ownership of strategic security in the age of globalization.”

From Dr. Barnett’s statement, we find that war with Iraq (along with other countries) had already been planned. Why? As he says, it is NOT because of “illegal weapons” or the “war on terror.” It is because the White House is securing a “strategic” position in the coming One World Government. NOTE the word, “globalization.” That’s an innoxious term which really means a New World Order with a single “Global Government” prevailing over every person on this entire planet earth. Another seemingly innocent term coined and used by the “one worlders,” which relates to the new One World Government, is “governance.” So when the reader hears government officials, or the new media, use these terms, you will know what’s behind it. Dr. Barnett went on to say:

“That is why the public debate about this war has been so important: It forces Americans to come to terms with what I believe is the new security paradigm that shapes this age, namely, Disconnectedness defines danger. Saddam Hussein’s outlaw regime is dangerously disconnected from the globalizing world, from its rule sets, its norms, and all the ties that bind countries together in mutually assured dependence.

Barnett says that Hussein’s government is an “outlaw regime,” and that it is “dangerously disconnected from the globalizing world. What is meant by this is that Saddam’s government does not fit into the “one world” mentality and, thereby, is considered “disconnected” from it. Barnett’s wording, “assured dependence,” is just the thing that many of the Middle-Eastern countries do not want. They want assured “independence,” not forced or manipulated “dependence” upon a One World Government. Later Barnett stated:

“...this new world must be defined by where globalization has truly taken root and where it has not.

“... show me where globalization is thinning or just plain absent, and I will show you regions ... that incubate the next generation of global terrorists. These parts of the world I call the Non-Integrating Gap, or Gap.

So, the proposed “new world” will be composed of those countries who are compatible with the coming One World Global Government. Those countries that are NOT compatible are called the “Non-Integrating Gap.” They are the “Gap” countries. Those in compliance with the globalization mentality are known as the “Core” countries. It is the “Gap” nations, those who desire to be “sovereign” and “independent,” that the White House claims are the homes of “terrorists.” This is their excuse for waging continued warfare upon these smaller countries. Just where does the Gap exist, we might ask? Barnett gives the answer:

“If we map out U.S. military responses since the end of the cold war, we find an overwhelming concentration of activity in the regions of the world that are excluded from globalization’s growing Core — namely the Caribbean Rim, virtually all of Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and Southwest Asia, and much of Southeast Asia. That is roughly the remaining two billion of the world’s population. Most have demographics skewed very young, and most are labeled, “low income” or “low middle income” by the World Bank (i.e., less than $3,000 annual per capita).”

Dr. Barnett points out that the Gap consists of nations around the “Caribbean Rim, virtually all of Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and Southwest Asia, and much of Southeast Asia.” That’s pretty extensive real estate. Also, he points out that the “World Bank” has classified them as “low income” or “low middle income.” Here we see the International Banking industry involved in this entire thing as well. The accompanying Pentagon War Map shows an outline around these same countries.

Barnett’s justification for the U.S.’s invasion of Iraq is as follows: “The real reason I support a war like this is that the resulting long-term military commitment will finally force America to deal with the entire Gap as a strategic threat environment.” So, to justify the continued war psyche, many innocent nations are grouped as a “strategic threat”to the U.S. What is really being said here is that these so-called “Gap” countries are a threat to the purposed globalization of the entire world into a One World Government.

There has been a new “War Map” created by the Pentagon, entitled: “Mapping America’s War on Terrorism: An Aggressive New Strategy.” A copy of the map is attached as the end of this study below. Notice the word usage on the map. A portion of that map says:

“Anytime American troops show up — be it combat, a battle group pulling up off the coast as a reminder, or a peacekeeping mission — it tends to be in a place that is relatively disconnected from the world, where globalization hasn’t taken root because of a repressive regime, abject poverty, or a lack of a robust legal system. It’s these places that incubate global terrorism. Draw a line around these military engagements and you’ve got what I call the Non-Integrating Gap. Everything else is the Functioning Core. The goal of this new strategy is simple: Shrink the Gap. Don’t contain it, shrink it.”

This makes it clear. The “Gap” countries are those nations where “globalization” (the One World Government mentality) has not been part of that country’s spirit. All of this translates into a doctrine of more necessary wars to force “globalization,” meaning a One World Government under the control of a One World Dictator, who the Bible refers to as the coming “Antichrist.”

So, to force these independent Gap nations into dependency, they need to be intimidated, threatened, and declared war against with various reasons as their being a claimed threat (not a reality) of “terrorism,” or “weapons of mass destruction,” or whatever.

Of course, the Bush family, and their oil buddies, would jump at the chance to do the job of beating these so-called “Gap” countries into submission, especially if they were offered control over much of the Middle-Eastern oil reserves.

But for that to happen, the backing of the American people must be obtained to support such a war effort. They will need another Pearl Harbor type incident, an incident like when Hitler had the Reichstag building in Berlin burned down in 1933. The fire was blamed on the Communists in order to marshal huge public support behind his buildup of a massive military machine. (Note: The Reichstag is a government building much like the U.S. Capitol building.)

To pull off such a stunt, they will need a U.S. President with a Hitler type mentality. One already steeped in the occult, such as the Skull and Bones society; one who will dance when the strings are pulled. And they found such a puppet in George W. Bush. He and his cohorts were willing to sacrifice thousands of lives, and deceive millions of people, to do the bidding of the world’s banking elite. Those who have studied the issues, rather than trust the traditional controlled news media, know that 9/11 was an inside job for the purpose of marshaling the American people behind the New World Order puppet, President George W. Bush. For those who have studied the evidence NOT presented to the American people, there is overwhelming evidence to prove an inside White House job. However, the U.S. government, along with the traditional controlled news media, are in consort in covering up the real facts.

Did the American people buy it? Of course they did! The majority of the American people are all mesmerized by seductive entertainment; they are preoccupied with violent and paganistic sporting events; they struggle to make ends meet because the bankers control their economy; they battle wayward children that have been seduced through drugs, sex, and who sit like zombies in front of their extremely violent TV and computer games; they have become ignorant and apathetic due to the controlled news media; and they are all lulled away with a false sense of religious security because every major religion in the world has been infiltrated by those who oppose God’s work, even in America. Yes, the American people bought it.

And who gets the blame for it all?” Why, those Muslim Gap communities, of course! This would justify the U.S. in attacking those nations. The U.S. military would beat up innocent Islamic nations, force them into democratic style governments, neutralize their strength, and control their lives, economy, and infrastructure. They will be beaten into submission to become compatible with the proposed global New World Order over all of mankind.

Ending Thoughts
From the foregoing we can understand how money is created by the will of the banks, but only in the amount to cover the principle demanded by the populous is created. The interest, or usury, is not created but is a fictitious amount appearing only on bookkeeping ledgers and in computers — an amount that CANNOT be paid in cash because it does not exist. And if it does not exist, how can we demand something from someone that does not exist and stand approved before God at the same time?

Anytime our habits of economic survival are attacked, we can become very defensive. Some rationalize: Why, it’s our livelihood, and it has always been an accepted way of doing business. It’s like charging for performing a service for just compensation; besides, others charge me interest, so it can’t be all that bad. Didn’t the priestly money changers in the temple become defensive when Jesus took the whip to them and cast them out of His Father’s House? (John 2:13-16.)

To say that we make a living by taking advantage of our brother, because it’s very lucrative, makes us uneasy. It can make our blood boil, especially when it’s an accepted practice. However, God does not go by accepted practices, He goes by what is equitable.

We can rationalize our dependency upon usury all we want, but that still will not justify its practice in the eyes of God; for the fact still remains: When money is loaned, the borrower is put in debt; being in debt means being bound to the lender, or in bondage; and the borrower becomes a slave to the will of the lender until the debt is paid in full.

That is exactly the state in which the U.S. Government has put this once great nation. In deep, deep, bondage to well over $20 trillion (including Federal and personal debts). And how are all the wars against the so-called “Gap” nations going to be paid for? Why, by borrowing more from the International Bankers, of course — ever increasing the national debt to unthinkable trillions. And what will happen when these “Non-Integrating Gap” countries succumb to the thrashing big brother U.S. intends to give them, and they institute their national banks? They, too, will be drowned in unfathomable debt, as well.

At this present time, we in the U.S. are all in bondage to the Jesuit bankers. When this nation declares bankruptcy, and it will, for it has no way out of the debt, the creditor will call in the loan — then bring out the ball and chains and chain us as slaves to Satan’s church.

The “Mark of the Beast” of Revelation 13 involves buying and selling — that’s financial economics, folks! And it comes into play somewhere around this time. All of us, still alive at that time, will have a conscious choice to make: take a mark and become part of Satan’s church so we can survive, or choose the Lord, Jesus Christ.

And there is our ONLY hope, the return of Jesus Christ, who is coming to bind that old devil in chains, redeem His creation, and establish a millennial era of peace.

But first He will have to clean house of all its iniquity. The coming financial collapse will be just a small part of that great cleansing. We have brought it upon ourselves.

Above: Cover of Thomas P. M. Barnett’s book. Check out comments of Thomas Barnett and new war maps @ : See new War Map on next page.